The dream dress for me! I loved every minute of wearing it and wish I could wear it again. Charlotte's personal touch and the professional but friendly and relaxed feeling every time I visited the studio really made it feel like it was MY wedding dress and not just a dress from a bridal store. I’m still receiving compliments now, guests thought the dress was stunning and perfect for me




I absolutely LOVE my wedding dress, I felt like a million dollars! The dress I chose is completely maid to measure, not just altered as some wedding dresses are.  As I had more fittings, Charlotte tweaked the seams and created a bespoke belt to go with my dress which meant that it was totally unique to me.  Charlotte's designs are beautiful but modern, classic with a twist which I think are perfect for the modern bride. 


The dress fitted like a glove and Charlotte made sure during the fittings that I would be able to move freely in it on the day.  We practiced things like sitting down, hugging and lifting up my arms, which meant that I was so comfortable and could concentrate on having a good time instead of worrying about my dress.


Charlotte's studio is an incredibly calm place and beautiful place.  When my mum and I first entered the studio, I was so excited to see all of the dresses and try them on.  As I had more fittings and as the wedding drew nearer, I found it a relaxing place to be and enjoyed having a moment out of the rest of the sometimes hectic and often boring wedmin.


My groom was surprised by the dress I had chosen as he was expecting a lot of lace but he loved my choice!  I received so many complements on the dress, as it achieved the perfect balance between elegance with a hint of sexiness.  Or as I like to describe it..."business at the front and party at the back"!



"I came across Charlotte's website by chance and fell in love with the beautiful gowns. It was great to receive a prompt response to my e-mail enquiry and an invitation to visit the studio.  You were so friendly and helpful. My dress was different to those available on the high street – elegantly designed and well made. On the wedding day I felt really special, the dress looked lovely and was so comfortable to wear. It was a warm day so I was glad I had chosen this style. It was perfect.

Visiting your lovely studio made the whole experience so enjoyable and special.  Having your individual attention and advice and being able to try on any gown I wished was a real bonus.   It was a very special and exciting day that my Mum and I will always remember.  Everybody loved the dress and I had so many compliments during and after the wedding."




"I felt like a modern and elegant bride. My dress was bridal without being too traditional - I was able to enjoy the day without the dress being too big and constrictive. I liked the 1:1 sessions at Charlotte's studio and didn't feel rushed. The room used for fittings is beautifully decorated. On the wedding day everyone, including the groom, loved the dress. I've been asked many times since where I got my dress from!"


Philippa James Photography



"There were many highlights of buying a Charlotte Simpson dress! 1) It was as if the design had been taken straight out of my ideal wedding dress fantasy - I saw it on the runway and knew it was 'the One'. 2) Visiting Charlotte in her studio and discussing her collection, the way she worked and my plans for my wedding with her was so fun. 3) Charlotte's attention to detail was impeccable. There's not a single thread on my dress that I could fault. 4) It was a great comfort to know the provenance of my dress, not always an option with a store bought gown. My dress was the last thing to go on on my wedding day. When my sister (chief bridesmaid!) zipped it up, I knew that I was ready for the day and the many days after it. It changed me from a young woman to a bride and a wife. My Charlotte Simpson dress was a key part of that transformation for me. Charlotte's studio was pretty much the most chic place I've ever visited. Charlotte made me feel completely and utterly at ease. I had convinced my groom that my dress was a giant meringue, so he was completely surprised and thrilled with my backless column dress. Everybody noted that it was very 'me' and a pleasing alternative to the standard wedding dress options they had seen before - several guests wanted it for themselves! I can't thank Charlotte enough."




"Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the most stressful parts of arranging a wedding,  but from the minute I met Charlotte and visited her Marylebone studio I knew I could relax and together we would create something pretty special. I had so much fun through the process and looked forward to my dress fittings - Charlotte was so patient and accommodating, nothing was too difficult and her extensive experience ensured a perfect end result. 


I loved putting on my dress on my wedding day, and couldn't wait for my husband to see me in it. It was elegant and sophisticated  - like nothing else I had seen in the UK! His tears said it all, and I had so many compliments from our friends and family. I would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone who wants a unique, beautiful gown to wear on their wedding day, but just as importantly, wants to enjoy the experience in the weeks and months leading up to it."



"Charlotte and I have been close friends for many years, so when I first got engaged it was without doubt that Charlotte would be the one to design and create my dream wedding dress. I currently live in Perth, Western Australia however this was not a problem for Charlotte and we consulted over Skype on a regular basis to design and chose the perfect dress. The dress itself was stunning. The quality silk material made it an elegant and comfortable fit and the beautiful embroidery sparkled throughout the night which was very fitting for our Christmas/Winter wedding. The simplicity of the dress also suited the style of our second wedding in Australia. I received so many wonderful compliments about my beautiful dress and I felt proud to say that it was designed and made by one of my closest friends. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I feel very lucky that I was able to wear my amazing wedding dress twice!"



"Charlotte was a dream to work with - from the initial appointment when I tried on her beautiful dresses to my final fittings, I felt so comfortable at her studio and never hurried or pressured (as I had felt at many other bridal studios).  It was also so helpful during the whole process to be able to have evening appointments at the studio so I could come after work and didn't feel harassed.  And then there was the dress - understatedly elegant, simple, stunning embroidery and extremely high quality silk made it a dream to wear. 

As soon as I found my dress at Charlotte's, I knew I would love wearing it on the day as it not only suited my personality, but also the style of the wedding completely.  And above all, I felt comfortable - I could move, I could eat, I could dance!  What more could I want!  The quality of the dress, both the silk, the embroidery and the fit, shone through.  I absolutely loved wearing the dress and only wish I could wear it again!"  



"I cannot thank you enough for my absolutely stunning wedding dress. I can't quite put into words just how I wonderful I felt wearing it, I did not want to take it off at the end of the day! The service and attention to detail that you provide is fantastic and it was wonderful to be able to make the personal alterations. There is something very special about wearing a design that hasn't ever been worn before. Tristan adored it and I received so many compliments."