• Charlotte


"There were many highlights of buying a Charlotte Simpson dress! 1) It was as if the design had been taken straight out of my ideal wedding dress fantasy - I saw it on the runway and knew it was 'the One'. 2) Visiting Charlotte in her studio and discussing her collection, the way she worked and my plans for my wedding with her was so fun. 3) Charlotte's attention to detail was impeccable. There's not a single thread on my dress that I could fault. 4) It was a great comfort to know the provenance of my dress, not always an option with a store bought gown. My dress was the last thing to go on on my wedding day. When my sister (chief bridesmaid!) zipped it up, I knew that I was ready for the day and the many days after it. It changed me from a young woman to a bride and a wife. My Charlotte Simpson dress was a key part of that transformation for me. Charlotte's studio was pretty much the most chic place I've ever visited. Charlotte made me feel completely and utterly at ease. I had convinced my groom that my dress was a giant meringue, so he was completely surprised and thrilled with my backless column dress. Everybody noted that it was very 'me' and a pleasing alternative to the standard wedding dress options they had seen before - several guests wanted it for themselves! I can't thank Charlotte enough."

  • Charlotte Simpson