The Couture Process

Charlotte’s Marylebone showroom is an exciting space to experience the luxurious tactile nature of her couture bridal dresses. Modern design and exquisite craftsmanship ensure classic, enduring style; whilst hand crafted embroidery creates an accessible and contemporary way to wear embellishment. Fluid silks accented with uniquely refined textural embroidery epitomise her approach to modern bridal luxury.



Simplicity is deceptive; perfection means not compromising on fit. Charlotte’s dresses are made through a process of couture toiled garments which are individually tailored from your measurements and adjusted over a series of fittings. This usually involves two or three developmental cotton dress fittings, in addition to a final silk fitting to ensure your dress is perfect for your wedding day.



Charlotte’s couture designs offer luxury without limits. Her instantly recognisable style of clean, sharp lines is achieved by close attention to detail and only the highest quality of British manufacturing.




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